Deal Sniper

Find the best deals on and Ebisu's Bay (Cronos) collections

What is Deal Sniper?

Deal Sniper can be used to find the highest ranked items in a collection for the cheapest prices.

All major collections such as Loaded Lions, Psychokitties and Mad Hare Society on and Mad Meerkats, CroSkulls and Lazy Horses on Ebisu's Bay (Cronos) are included.

See up to 150 items on sale in a collection sorted by price and rank based on the floor price you choose.

How do I get access?

We offer three different tiers of access:

Fees payable annually, in advance, via USDC or USDT.

Free accounts are strictly limited in number - please get in touch with @LoadedLionOG on Twitter to discuss joining RNKR or upgrading your existing account.

Key Features

All major CDC collections

All major Cronos collections

You choose the minimum price

Sort by rank to see the best deals

Find the ideal price to list your items

Historical floor price charts

One-click straight to the item on CDC or Ebisu's Bay

No personal details stored

No fees for our basic service

No hidden fees with our subscriptions

Very low, annual, upgrade prices for more searches per month


Quite simply, it will change the way you buy and sell NFTs on CDC on Ebisu's Bay. Our easy-to-use service shows you which items are underpriced when compared to similarly ranked items in a collection so you're able to pick up great deals that you can sell on for a profit. Savings from just one trade are often enough to cover the whole year's subscription cost.

The way we query data from CDC and Ebisu's Bay is quite intensive and takes a while to process each search so, to prevent too many people from running simultaneous queries we require each user to have an account. This also prevents abuse of the system.

For the same reasons as outlined above, we don't want to be seen as spamming the CDC and Ebisu's Bay servers so we have provided tiers with enough credits to allow all the searches you should need each month. If you feel you need more searches than are provided in the top tier please contact us on Twitter and we'll work something out.

As little as possible. The only piece of personal information we ask for when setting up your account is your Twitter username. We record your IP address, browser and operating system when you log in to assist us with any problem diagnostics. We also save your search history (collection name, floor price and number of items) so that we can improve our services and keep track of your credit balance. We do not need to record data such as your name and email address. As we do not store any of your personally identifiable information the risk of us losing any sensitive data in a potential breach is zero.

Because we don't store any personal information we're unable to send you a password reset or username reminder via email. All communication is carried out via Twitter direct messages. If you forget your username or password please contact @LoadedLionOG on Twitter.

All subscriptions are valid for a period of 1 year (12 months).

You will see a notification in your account when your subscription is nearing its end and also when it has expired. Renewing is easy, simply contact us on Twitter and we'll set up a new subscription once we have received the relevant payment.

Credits reset at 00:00 on the 1st of the month (UTC/UTC+1). If you are on our Tier 1 or 2 services you can upgrade your account at any time to get more credits.

Unfortunately not at this time but we do keep a full record of how many you use each month and we may offer some kind of rebate for unused credits in the future.

Damage limitation. By keeping subscription payments off-site there is less attraction from potential bad actors. The safety of your funds and data is paramount to us which is why we store the absolute minimum.

All subscriptions come with a 7-day cooling off period. If you have used our service and you are not completely satisfied with it we will return your subscription fee (less gas) if you wish to cancel within the first seven days. You will be unable to sign up for another subscription within 3 months following a cancellation to avoid abuse of our services.

If you have any questions that aren't answered above please contact @LoadedLionOG on Twitter who will be happy to discuss.